Thursday, October 21, 2010

Do you have 30 minutes?

30 minutes is about all you will need to create this cute and slightly spooky shadow box.
So, let's gather up your supplies. You'll need:
A small kraft jewelry box
A strong adhesive, and I love the Ultimate Glue for paper crafting projects like this. It bonds very quickly and will hold just about anything.
Black craft paint
Cardstock (I used kraft cardstock)
Fine tipped scissors
Fine tip black sharpie
Foam brush
Stickles glitter glue in Platinum and Crystal. (this can be substituted with any glitters or glitter glues that you have on hand)
Scrap of vintage ledger paper
And not shown, but you'll also need some black seam binding or lace, and the following image.
Now, you'll need two copies of this image. Just right click and save it to your computer, and then print two different copies of the image in the size to fit your box. I printed mine on kraft cardstock as I really liked the look of the black/kraft color combination for this project.

Once you have printed your images and gathered your supplies we're ready to begin.
You're going to want to paint the inside of your box with the black paint. I painted a couple of coats to cover the inside of my box, but I also let it be a little "messy" with the box background showing through some.
While that's drying, cut out your images.
The reason I had you print two different images is that we're going to cut off the little girl from one of the images, and from the 2nd image just cut out the little girl and the surrounding forest elements. Don't worry that her little feet are left in the image with the tree, you won't be able to see that when the box is put together. Be sure to leave about 1/4" -1/2" on the bottom of each image. Then fold that over creating a little ledge, making sure to crease very well.
I apologize for this photo being a little out of focus, but what you're going to do is to go over the "face" in the tree with your fine tipped sharpie just to accentuate it a little further. You may not need to do this if you print your image on white cardstock.

Embellish your images with tiny bits of the Stickles. I used the platinum on the flowers and some of the leaves, and the Crystal on the little girl's dress and the other leaves of the tree. The Crystal Stickles has a kind of iridescent "glow" to it, which I think adds to the slightly spooky feel of the shadow box.
Next, you'll want to cut out some little "cloud" shapes from your ledger paper scrap. I liked the effect of having the handwriting in my clouds.
Now, while everything is thoroughly drying, you can take a moment to go fold that load of laundry or unload the dishwasher. Sheesh, is our work EVER done?
Ok, ready to begin again?
First, glue your clouds to the back of you box. You'll want to eyeball where the placement of your tree and little girl will be and make sure your clouds will be visible.
Add a line of your strong adhesive to the ledge we created on each image and glue those to the bottom of your shadow box. You may want to place the tree a little further back than the little girl. Make sure the little girl sits in front of where her shoes are in the first image though, we really don't want our little Halloween scenes to be THAT spooky. :) Hold the images in place for just a moment while the glue sets up.
One you have adhered both images to the box, you may want to embellish your night "sky" with a bit more platinum Stickles. I meant to do that, and forgot.

Finally, you will want to run a line of glue around the outside of your box, all the way around. Add your seam binding and tie into a bow at the top. I frayed the edges of my ribbon just a bit.
That's it! Quick, easy, and cute.
A couple of thoughts. If your tree seems like it needs a little extra support, you can glue a tiny wooden spool to the back of the tree and the box. This will provide hidden support to your tree. You could probably do the same thing with a stack of pop dots.
I think these little scenes would be darling at each place setting on your Halloween table. You could add a little nameplate in the bottom right hand corner of your box, making the name part of the scene. Or you could add a tiny tag to the top of the box with where the bow is. You could create different scenes for each of your guests.
Or, it's cute just to add it to your other Halloween decorations.
I hope you had fun with this!
Cerri xoxo


Jeanne said...

Very cute Cerri!!!!

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Kelly said...

Cerri, this is so super cute!! It would be great at each place on a table...or gathered together w/ a few in different sizes and scenes. Thanks for sharing this idea. I love it.

Anonymous said...

Really cute! Adorable idea :}

Unknown said...

I love the mood it sets! I wonder whats behind the tree?! Mahhaaww


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Anonymous said...

This is so cute!! Love it!!!

Betsy said...

This is adorable. I will have to make one for myself. Thanks for the idea and tutorial.

BugnLVoe said...

This is darling! I love it!!! :-)