Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Paperback Tree

I've got an easy-peasy, last minute project for you that you'll be able to put together while watching A Christmas Story or
It's a Wonderful Life. . .Really!
And you don't need many supplies either. . .Honestly!
In fact, this is really all you need to make the Paperback Tree shown at the top of this post! Well, it doesn't have to be a Nora Roberts novel~ any paperback book will do. But just make sure it's a book you're finished reading!
The first thing you're going to do is tear off the front and back covers,
leaving the binding in tact.
One the first page, take the top corner and fold it down to meet the binding.
Then fold the same folded page down to meet the binding again.
There will be a small triangle of the bottom of the page hanging below the book. Take that triangle and fold it up so that it is even with the bottom of the book. Three folds, that's it!
Now go to the next page and make those same three folds.
And repeat the folding process on every single page.
That's right, keep on folding. You may want to use a bone folder to make the creases nice and crisp, but that's up to you.
Another tip: If you find that the pages you've already folded are getting in your way, you can clip them together with a binder clip. The folding does become a little more difficult as you get towards the back of the book. If you feel that your tree seems full enough and you still have pages left to fold, you can do what I did and cut off the the remaining pages by cutting through the binding with a craft knife.
When you are finished folding all the pages, this is what you will end up with. Pretty cool, huh?
You can leave the pages natural, as shown above. Or perhaps you'd like to add some color by spritzing with a little Glimmer Mist (see previous post). And then to finish off the tree it would be nice to add some sparkle to the top of the tree, like the rhinestone pin I used to top mine off.
I decided to use some spray adhesive on my tree and then sprinkle glitter and mica flakes on it.
And now it sparkles next to my other snow covered Winter Wonderland Decorations!
And that's all there is too it! I told you it was easy-peasy, didn't I?

I hope those of you who participated in Joli Paquet's Vintage Stocking Swap have mailed your stockings out to your partners by now. I've received mine and was delighted by the gorgeous stocking and goodies I received!

On behalf of all the Joli Paquet artists, I would like to thank you for your loyal support and hope that you have enjoyed this year's tutorials and kits as much as we've enjoyed putting them together for you. Wishing you all a wonderful, safe and memory-filled holiday season!


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Super quick, super easy, and super cute ornaments

Hello! During this busy time of year I love projects that are quick and easy, but rewarding. Today, I'm going to share with you a super quick and easy, but really cute ornament. (cheap, too!) I have to warn you, these ornaments are addictive!
So, let's gather up our supplies:

You're going to need some snow flake ornaments found just about anywhere. I purchased mine at Target last year when they went on clearance, but I'm quite certain I saw them there this year as well. The larger packs are 2 for $1, and the smaller ornaments are 4 for $1. Yep, cheap.
You will also need some lace scraps, Stickles glitter glue, (I used and adore Platinum), a little bit of tinsel, and some vanilla posies.

You'll also need some strong adhesive, (I used The Ultimate glue which is my number one go to glue for anything that really needs to stick.) scissors, and Glimmer Mist. I used a little Tattered Rose, and Creme de Cocoa for this project. Old Lace, Vintage Pink, or Tea Rose would also be great color choices.
That's all you need. We're ready to get started now.

First, spritz your snowflakes with the Glimmer Mists. You can see here how the Creme de Cocoa gives the bright white snowflake a subtle "aged" feel. The pink can be used as lightly as you would like. Some of mine ended up a little more pink than I wanted, but it's ok, we cover up quite a bit of the snowflake. Set those aside to dry.
Here are two images you might like to use.
Both of these images are from my stash, but some of the other ornaments I will show you use images I purchased here. There are also other wonderful sellers on etsy that have beautiful images and plenty of free images on the internet.
You can click on these images to make them larger, then right click and save to your computer. Open them up in some sort of editing program and crop them into circles. For the smaller ornaments I cropped my images to 2", and for the larger ornaments I used 3" circles. I printed some of my images on cardstock, and some on fabric. The fabric just gives a softer image and texture.
Use your circles as templates and also cut yourself some circles of vintage sheet music.
Glue your image to the front of the snowflake. If you're not using The Ultimate glue, you will need to use some sort of strong adhesive as the glitter makes the image difficult to stick.
Glue your sheet music circle to the back. (you can really use any kind of paper here, even more cardstock) This is simply to cover any of your work from the front and to give the back a nice finished look. You can also sign and date your ornaments here.
Add a little scrap of lace.
Cut and trim a little piece of tinsel. Glue it in place on top of your lace.
Glue on a little paper posie that has been lightly spritzed with a touch of Creme de Cocoa and Tattered Rose Glimmer Mist. This ages the posies beautifully.
Then, outline your image with the Stickles. When the Platinum Stickles dries, it looks just like tarnished silver. I love it. I also added a little dot of Stickles to the center of my flower. That's it! I told you that was easy!
Now, you can add a length of ribbon, or lace to the top of your ornament and hang on your tree. You could leave the ribbon off and use these as gift toppers. Hang a bunch of them in the varrying sizes from your chandeliers or ceiling for a Christmas party. Lots of things you can do with them!
Here are a few variations.
I used fabric paper on these.
I also used fabric paper on this one, and I added a vintage crocheted trim all the way around. Then I very lightly added the Platinum Stickles.
For this larger ornament, I printed my image on cardstock, and cut random bits from my vintage lace stash. I then just glued those around my image, layering until I was happy with the look. I topped the lace w/ Stickles, making sure the rough edges of my lace was showing. I added 3 posies to this one as it's quite a bit larger.
That is it!
I really hope you enjoy this little project. If you have any questions, please let me know, I'll be happy to help. I would of course love to see any ornaments you might make.
Cerri xoxo

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Previews, Day 2

Hello! Are you excited to see the rest of the kits the Joli gals have to offer this season?
Here we go:
Sheila has a great Christmas journal kit, and it will be sold in her shop.
Cindy has two versions of her sweet little bird kits and they will both be available in her shop.
Cerri's Frosty Christmas kit will be available in her shop.

ALL kits will be sold in their shops on December 2nd. I do hope you will join us and pick up some wonderful holiday projects for yourself, or as gifts. I know these gals always make their kits lovely enough to be presents as a gift!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Previews, Day 1

Hello! I'm very happy to show you the wonderful kits that the Joli Paquet girls have come up with this season! I think you're going to love them. I am previewing 2 of the kits today, and the other 3 tomorrow, so be sure to check back.
Up first is this wonderful Printer's tray kit by Brandy. Even the tray is handmade in this fabulous kit! Brandy's kit will be available in her etsy shop on Thursday, December 2nd.
Next is the darling Winter Wonderland kit by Jeanne! So very sweet! Jeanne's kit will be available in her etsy shop on Thursday as well.
Please join us tomorrow for more previews, and I hope you will join us on Thursday for the kit sales.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

All That's Bright - Star Ornaments

These vintage inspired ornaments are so easy to make that you will want to make a whole bunch to hang on your tree or give as gifts.

Materials Needed:
Metal Star Ornaments (but you can use paper mache too)
Ivory Spray Paint
Clear Adhesive Spray
Mica Snowflakes
Vintage Sheet Music
Christmas Images
Silver Glass Glitter
Glue for Glitter
Hot Glue Gun
E6000 Glue
Circle Punch
Lace or Ribbon Pieces

1. Spray paint front and back of ornaments – letting dry between each coat.
2. Use spray glue and coat both sides evenly then dip into mica snowflakes. Shake off extra and let dry.
3. Cut 2 strips of vintage sheet approximately 1 ½” wide by length of sheet, tearing 1 side. Accordion fold the stripe of paper approximately ¼” wide for the folds. Repeat with the 2nd strip. 4. Punch a circle of paper. Glue ends of each strip and then forming into pleated circle with torn edge to the outside. Add glue to the punched circle and glue on back to hold in place.
5. Punch Christmas images out – add Stickles – let dry. Once dry edge image circle with glitter glue and add Silver Glass Glitter to edges. Then glue to the front of pleated circle.
6. Use E6000 to glue pleated circle to ornament – let dry.
7. Finish by adding vintage pieces of lace or ribbon. This is a great way to use small remnants.
I have so enjoyed creating this Christmas Ornament Tutorial and I hope you enjoyed it too. Look for more inspiring holiday tutorials.

Have a creative day, Sheila.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Stocking Swap

All of the partners have been sent out. If you signed up and did not receive an email from me with your swap information, please email me right away.
Also, yes, I did extend the swap deadline until December 13th. That should give everyone time to get their stockings ready and shipped. If you get yours done earlier than that, by all means ship it out!
I would suggest emailing your partner and getting to know them a little better. You want to make this swap special for each other!
If you have any questions, please email me.
Thanks for participating in our swap!

Hello swappers! I just wanted to let everyone know that I am still in the process of doing the matching. We had many more people join that I anticipated so it's taking me a little time to get all of the partners matched, but I will have them to you by this weekend.
If you signed up, and have not heard from me by Monday morning, then please send me an email.
(I can not however take any new participants, the swap is now closed)
See you soon!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Merry & Bright Crepe Paper Christmas Tree Tutorial

Hi Everyone! Cindy here! I hope you are enjoying this round of Joli Paquet for the Holidays! Today I am going to show you how to make a Merry and Bright Crepe Paper Christmas Tree!

This is a fun project to do with the kids or let them make their own. It's also a project that consists of supplies you probably already have around the house. Keep in mind you can us any color crepe paper you want. You can use all one color or multiple colors.

Supplies Needed:
Paper or Cardboard Cone (I purchased mine at Michael's but you could also use a styrofoam cone or make your own cardboard cone out of recycled cereal boxes.)
Crepe Paper (any color)
Yarn (color to coordinate with your crepe paper)
Any kind of ribbon trim (I used white pom pom trim)
Double sided tape
Craft Glue (clear drying)
Glitter (any kind but I love mine from Little Pink Studio!)
Old paintbrush, craft stick, or toothpick

Let's get started!

Step 1: Starting at the bottom of the cone and about an inch up apply double sided tape all the way around the cone. You just want the tape to be where the top of the crepe paper will be. This is where you will begin to make and stick the crepe pleats or ruffles.

Step 2: Start with the color of your choice and stick one end of the crepe paper onto the tape. Let the paper overhang at the bottom just a bit.

Step 3: Begin folding the crepe paper to make small pleats and stick down to the tape.

Step 4: Work your way all the way around the cone with the pleats. When you come back to where you started place a piece of double sided tape at the seam.

Step 5: Fold under the end and stick down at the seam.

Step 6: Now repeat steps 1-5 until you get all the way to the top of the cone. If you have chosen multiple colors, alternate the colors as you move up the cone. Be sure and overlap the bottom of the top row onto the row underneath to cover up the top of the pleats.

It should look something like this as you are working the next row.

As you work your way up it should look something like this.

Step 7: Making the Pom Pom top. Wrap yarn around a playing card or even your fingers. The thicker the wrap the thicker your pom pom will be.

Step 8: Slide the wrap off the card. Cut a length of yarn and tie it around the middle of the yarn wrap.

Step 9: Cut the loops on both sides.

Step 10: Fold the pom in half at the middle and give it a good trim.

Step 11: Glue the pom to the top of the tree. You can trim more if needed. Mine is kinda wild! LOL

Step 12: Add any type of trim at the top of the tree under the pom to cover up any gaps. I used mini pom trim but you can use ribbon, ric rac, etc.

Step 13: Using an old paint brush, craft stick, or tooth pick apply clear drying craft glue to the bottom of the edge of the first layer.

Step 14: Apply glitter to the glue.

Step 15: Repeat steps 13-14 until you have done all the layers of the tree. Let DRY. I also applied glitter to the pom pom top and pom pom trim.

And your cute bright festive tree is done!!!! I hope you had fun and I hope you will make an entire forest of trees! They are quick, easy, and inexpensive and they add a special touch to your Holiday decor! This is a great project to do over the Thanksgiving break. Get the entire family involved!

Be sure and post any trees you make in our Joli Paquet Flickr group (see the link the left). We would love to see your cute trees!!!

Happy Holiday Crafting,