Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Quick and Easy Table Setting Accessories

Hi everyone! We hope you are enjoying all the Holiday tutorials here on Joli. Today I am going to show you how to add a quick and easy special touch to your Thanksgiving Holiday table. This quick project will make your table look like you spent hours on it. It's a project even the kids can help with.

Today I am making handmade napkin rings and glass charms. Let's get started.
You will need:
Cardstock or construction paper
Circle punch in two sizes (this can also be done by hand)
Marker or pen that will show up on the paper you choose
Vintage book page or scrapbook paper
String, yarn, or ribbon
Decorative Scissors (optional)
Glue or double sided tape

Cut your vintage book page or scrapbook paper in strips that are about  1" wide and 6" long. Cut as many as you need for napkin rings. This will be the part the ring part that the napkin goes through.
Also cut the same number of circles. You can use a circle punch or use a template and hand cut your circles. I used a scallop punch. You can do any size you like. I did 2" scallop circles for mine.

I used scallop scissors to trim the long sides of my book page strips. This step is optional. You could keep them straight or use another pattern decorative scissor.

Now staple the two ends of the strip together to form a ring.

Use your pen or marker to decorate your circle any way you want.

Write your message on your circle. You can also personalize each napkin ring so they also serve as place cards.

Apply glue or double sided tape to back of each circle.

Glue circles to paper rings on top of staples. You are done with your napkin rings.

Now let's make the glass charms. Punch or cut as many circles as you need. Decorate the front of the circles with markers or pen.

Punch a small hole at top of circle.

Write names or any other identifier on each circle.

Attach a length of string or ribbon to each circle. This will be used to tie to the stem of the glass.

And you are done! A quick and easy personalized touch to your holiday table setting!

Happy Holidays and Happy Crafting!


Unknown said...

Delightful! You could use this for all sorts of events. Thanks for sharing.



Little Pink Studio said...

This would be a great activity for the kids to do to help out before Thanksgiving. (and to keep them busy)

Cassandra said...

So cute! Thanks so much for sharing!

Heidi said...

Cute....fast & easy....thanks for sharing! ~Heidi

*SHeRRy B* said...

Simple and sweet! Love it!