Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Vintage Autumn Photo Board Tutorial

Old family photos are one of my most treasured possessions. I'd like to share this tutorial for making your own autumn themed hanging photo board using one of your vintage photos.

Materials Needed:
Pre-cut, Shaped Chipboard Piece
Autumn Colored Scrapbook Paper
Vintage Photo (photocopy your image)
Vintage Ribbon
Seam Binding
Silk Flower
Vintage Ledger Paper
Ink Pad (copper colored)
Autumn Themed Written Image
Tacky Glue (clear gel)
Glue Stick

Tools Needed:
Heavy Hole Puncher
Corner Rounder
Puncher in Round Shape
Sewing Machine

Putting it all Together:

Print your photo image. Trim it to size, use a corner rounder to round the edges, and apply ink to the edges for an aged look.

Run the photo image through the sewing machine, stitching 2 zig zag patterns along one edge, and a single zigzag pattern along the other edge.  Trim the excess thread.

Lay your chipboard over the scrapbook paper and trace the outline of the chipboard piece. 

Carefully cut out the shape and adhere it to one side of the chipboard using a glue stick.  Run sandpaper along the edges of the chipboard to smooth any rough edges and align the paper neatly to the chipboard piece.

Cut out a round scalloped shape from the ledger paper.  If you can find an autumn date, it will go along nicely with your theme.

Next trim and ink-edge your "autumn" themed written piece with ink. 
This image was taken from a vintage music sheet. I enlarged a portion of the song title, copied it on heavy cardstock, and cut it out.

Punch two holes near the top of the chipboard piece.
Practice laying out your pieces to get the look you like. 
After you have decided on the placement, begin by adhering the vintage photo image with glue stick.

Next, adhere the vintage ribbon with tacky glue (clear gel formula). Part of the ribbon may overlap the edges of the chipboard piece.

Adhere the silk flower with tacky glue.

Adhere the scalloped ledger sheet cut out.

Tie string through the button holes and trim the string.

Adhere the button near the scalloped ledger piece.

Adhere the autumn themed written piece of cardstock. 
Next, ink along the edges of the exposed chipboard. (Note: This step can also be done after you sand the edges of the scrapbook paper and before you begin adhering embellishments...I just forgot to do that!)

Put seam binding ribbon through the punched holes, tie, and hang your completed piece!

The project is a great way to display your treasured photos. The autumn colors used make it a perfect accent for your Thanksgiving decorations.  The photo I used in this project is of my grandmother.  Her daddy had propped her up in a tree and snapped her picture...one of my very favorites!

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial.

Kelly from Bleu Bird Nest


Unknown said...

How sweet! I love the colors you used. Wonderful tutorial.


Jeanne said...

Kelly, I love it!!!!

eva said...

This is just gorgeous!!

Cindy (JunqueArt) said...

Love love love it!!!

Holly Moore said...

Love it! Now to get my hands on a cool ledger like that! :)

Little Pink Studio said...

This turned out great! Thanks so much for sharing with us!

luckygirlgifts said...

that is absolutely beautiful!!
I am so inspired, now if I could only find the time. LOl
Thank you for the inspiration.
Cari b.

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I LOVE this!!!!!

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How pretty!