Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Dressy Tag Tutorial

Hi everyone! I hope you are enjoying our Spring event. With Mother's Day quickly approaching I thought I would do a quick and easy gift tag tutorial!

You will need the following:
1. Dress template - (this is a pdf file)
2. White Cardstock
3. Shipping tag (I used this size)
4. Vintage book page or scrapbook paper (not pictured below)
5. Acrylic craft paint (any color)
6. Colored pencil or marker (any color)
7. Strip of muslin fabric
8. Scrap piece of lace
9. Scissors
10. Sewing machine (glue can be used in place of sewing)
11. Container of water

Step 1: We are going to give our muslin and lace a washed vintage look. Mix a few squirts of paint with about a cup of water and mix. I just use recycled plastic containers. Be sure and protect your work area for this step.

Step 2:  Give your strip of muslin and piece of lace a good "paint bath".

Step 3: Wring out your muslin and lace and lay on a layer of paper towels to dry. I like mine wrinkled so I leave it crinkled up to dry. You can lay in the sun to dry faster or use a hair dryer. I do not recommend putting in the dryer with paint on it. : )

Step 4: Download the dress template HERE. Print your dress template. Be sure and print full size. It should print the correct size for the tag. Then trace cut out and trace onto a piece of cardstock. You could also print directly on cardstock.

Step 5: Cut out your cardstock dress.

Step 6: Cut nips at the end of your muslin to make strips. I like my fabric frayed on the edges so I nip the fabric at the end as wide as I want my strip. Then I tear the fabric at the nip.

Step 7: Tear several strips of fabric for your dress.

Step 8: Sew(or glue) your lace to the under side of the cardstock dress base at the bottom of the dress.

Step 9: Sew (or glue) your strips of fabric to your cardstock dress base starting at the bottom of the dress and ending at the waist. Overlap the strips as you go. If you don't want  your stitching to show be sure and sew the strip at the top edge so you can overlap the next strip to cover the stitching. When finishing each strip just trim fabric and thread leaving an overlap. We will trim all the edges up after sewing.

Step 10: Your dress should look like then when all the strips are sewed or glued.

Step 11: Turn the dress over and trim the ends of the fabric and thread using the cardstock base as a guide for trimming.

Step 12: Your dress should now look like this on the front.

Step 13: Color the bodice of the dress with a colored pencil or maker.

Step 14: Use your tag as a guide to trace a tag shape onto vintage paper or scrapbook paper. Cut out. Glue to your tag. Glue dress to tag. Tie with your favorite ribbon or even a strip of your muslin you dyed. (I used ribbon and muslin)

And you are done! A cute tag to add to a Mother's Day gift or any gift!

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial! Be sure and share your tags in the Joli Flickr group! We always love to see what you create with the tutorials!

Happy Creating!!!
Cindy from Junque Art


Miss Rhea said...

That is Cute Cindy :) Thanks for sharing :)

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

What a great tag! Thanks for sharing the tutorial and downloads for it!

Jeanne said...

How cute this is Cindy! I love it!!!

Mollye said...

Oh how funny that we should be doing tag posts on the same day. Yours is gorgeous and I can't wait to make something elegant like this. I was more in a grungy, do-it-quick frame of mind on mine! Lovely dressy girly girl tag! XXMollye

Little Pink Studio said...

This is adorable!
I have never tried a paint bath before! Fun! I'll be doing that asap! I've used tea, kool-aid, coffee, food coloring, ink, etc...but never paint like this! Fab idea my dear!
xoxo, Cerri

ShabbyChicShaz said...

Thanks for sharing this tag tutorial, the tag is so sweet

Anonymous said...

I'm sitting here 3:50 a.m. can't sleep so naturally go to the craft room...I'm waiting for some tags to dry (glue)and what do I come upon??? your tag tutorial :D I love it :D
Victoria p.s. I'm on my 3rd cup of Keurig coffee so i know i'm not going back to sleep anytime soon :D

Unknown said...

Cute! Hope you had a great Mom's day!


Artfully Yours said...

awesome ideas and a truly inspiring blog! i am so glad i found you, thru WWC, a fabulous publication! i will be checking back often!
thank you for the inspiration!

Alison Gibbs said...

Cindy this is fabulous
So cute

Johwey Redington said...

This is lovely. Thanks for sharing.