Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Crafting with Kids: Build a MonsterTreat Bags

Do you need a fast and fun activity to do with your kids this week, or have you not picked out your trick or treat bag yet? Then this tutorial is for you! I tested this out with children from the ages of 7-17 and they all had fun making these monster bags. So lets get started!
Gather your supplies. You will need a basic tote bag. You can find all sorts of totes at Hobby Lobby or other craft stores.
You will also need: Various pieces of felt, craft eyes in various sizes, pompoms if you would like, scissors, cardstock, a pen, and either a fabric glue or The Ultimate glue.
You will want to have your child draw a basic monster shape. Younger children may find it easier to draw on cardstock first and then use that as a pattern to cut their felt (or for really young children you can use their drawing and cut the monster from felt for them). However, for older children it is probably easiest to simply draw their monster shape directly on their felt. They will also want to draw some basic shapes for eyes, teeth, ears, arms, etc!

Once you have your felt pieces cut out you will simply begin gluing them in place on your tote bag. (the glue does dry clear)
Let your child be as creative as they would like. They can use wiggly eyes, or make eyes from fetl. Use up some of your fabric scraps you have lying around for this project too. You can reuse these bags year after year, or better yet, make a new monster bag each year based on your child's drawings and see how their creativity changes each year.
And kind of hard to tell, but this particular monster is hiding something behind his back...
I hope you will enjoy this project and spending an afternoon crafting with your children. It might be fun to make these bags Saturday afternoon when the children are impatiently waiting to go trick or treating. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me!
I see some of you have begun to make your kits and to try some of the tutorials. Thanks so much for posting them to the flickr group! We LOVE to see your variations on these projects! Please post your swap packages there as well!
Cerri xo
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Jeanne said...

What an adorable project for the kids to make! They will have a ball with these.

Karin said...

Love it!

Ellen said...

what a fun craft to do with the kiddos...thanks for sharing this fun tutorial!

Cindy (JunqueArt) said...

Cute as can be Cerri!

Rebecca @ Belle Blog said...

I love your blog. So many awesome projects and they all look so wonderful. I just saw your Halloween swap. I hope you do another swap one day so I can play too.
♥ Rebecca