Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Creepy Crawly Candle

You will need:
* Glass Jar, Vase, or Candle holder
* Black StazOn Ink Pad
* StazOn Ink Cleaner
*Beans or Rice
*Halloween Stamps
*Creepy Plastic Rings, Toys, Decorations
*Halloween Rub Ons and Stickers

This project is simple and easy enough that kids could help out with it. You might even have everything you need around the house! The Creepy Candle can be as small or large, elaborate or as simple as you want.

Start out with a jar, vase, candle holder, or any clear container. I used a large candle holder. Make sure the jar is super clean and dry.
Next use your StazOn ink pad and Halloween stamps. I used an acrylic stamp on a LARGE block. Ink the stamp then lay it face up on the table.
Very carefully roll the jar across the stamp. Repeat this process with more stamps of your choice. Don’t worry about mistakes because the StazOn cleaner will take the ink right off!
The ink does take a few minutes to dry on the jar so be careful or use a heating tool to dry the images.
You also have to use the StazOn cleaner to remove the ink from the stamps.

After that add your beans or rice. A black and white theme would be really cool!
Then add your candle.
Next is the most fun part! Add all those spooky toys. I like burying the skulls and bones halfway. Then sticking in a few spider rings. Just make sure the item is not flammable!
For a final touch you can add Halloween stickers and rub-ons. If you don’t have the StazOn ink you could use all rub-ons or stickers.

Ohh and the best part is, at night when its dark, the jar cast scary shadows on the wall!
I hope you enjoyed my tutorial. I can’t wait to see what YOU create!


Jeanne said...

Brandy, great idea to use the flexible clear stamps on this project!

vintage girl at heart said...

Adorable project!!!! I will try this with my little crafter!!!
Happy Fall!

Unknown said...

I love love LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

Cindy (JunqueArt) said...

Eeeks, I love this!!! Can't wait to make one!

CosmoGirl's Emporium said...

I love this project! Wish I'd checked in here before I went to WalMart so I could have picked up some dry beans!


Little Pink Studio said...

Love this project Brandy, it's cute and so doable!
Cerri xo

Wendy Hue said...

I absolutely love this idea. Thanks for the tutorial!


Cami @ Creating Myself said...

Joli is back!!!!

Cute project...thanks for the tut!

Geralyn Gray said...

I was bumming summer was over today....but, you reminded me how much I love fall decorations!

Ellen said...

love this....simply fantastic!

BugnLVoe said...

Love the jar craft! It's awesome!!! :-)

melissa mccobb hubbell said...

Fun project - that last photo with the pumpkins is really beautiful!