Thursday, September 24, 2009

Beth's Boo Banner Tutorial !

Hey girls thanks so much for stopping in !!! So glad to be here again for all the fall festivities .!!!!!
So today I am going to share a tutorial on soldering a banner ... this is for all you girls who love to dabble in soldering ... lumpy and bumpy soldering works great and you don't have to be perfect for this one ... here is what you will need ...
soldering iron and solder, foil tape for soldering , flux paste or gel
triangle bevel glass ( i will have this available on my website )
alphabet stickers or rubber stamps,
black stamp pad
black glitter - i prefer glass glitter but either will work
vintage flocked velvet ribbons in orange and black
various embellishments ( i used halloween buttons and velvet black leaves )
vintage papers with text
glitter glue
large jump rings

1. First I cut out templates using the triangle glass as my guide - I used vintage text for the background -
2. Next, I took old alphabet stickers that i am no longer using (any variety will work) - stick the b on one template , the o on the next and the other o on the third - now use the letter as a template and put your wet glitter glue over the letter following the letter again using it just as a template for your glue , then sprinkle your black glitter over it - Voila , you have new glittered alphabet !! and you thought you had to throw out all those old alphabet stickers that you no longer use !! If you don't want to use stickers you can also use rubber stamps and stamp BOO or whatever other ideas you come up with - Trick or Treat and do one word on each ... etc.
3. Next I just used vintage text papers for the back and put ink around edges , but you could use images etc.. again use the triangle glass to cut around as a template - just remember that most likely it will not be seen -
4. Now take your front and back papers for each triangle and glue them together , i just glue them with a glue stick so that i don't worry about paper slipping when i am trying to tape them with the solder foil tape
5. Next, you will need to use the foil tape and tape around the edge of each triangle , burnish the tape down -
6. Next you will need to solder - I usually solder the front first then the back and then hold the triangle in a pair of locking vise grips to hold while i solder all around the edges -
7. You have to solder 2 jump rings per triangle so that you can loop the ribbon through and hold the triangle evenly -
8. String your vintage ribbon through the banner and add embellishments - I used black velvet leaves , and buttons - tie bits of ribbon in different places
well i hope you enjoyed this idea !! you can follow me on my blog or check out my website anytime !!! Feel free to ask any questions too !!! !
have a wonderful day ...


Jeanne Oliver said...

So fun...Beth comes up with the best ideas!!!

Jeanne said...

So cute Beth!

Cindy (JunqueArt) said...

Super cute banner Beth!!! Love where is my soldering iron???

Unknown said...

So super cute! Love it!

kathy said...

OOPS __ I may be wrong but do you not use the flux -on this ???
Kathy - ga

Beth said...

yep, flux around the edges before applying solder - guess i should have put that too in the soldering part but i did list it in supplies ! OOPs!!

kathy said...

Beth , thanks for the info -- I tried soldering a few yrs ago -- Guess it takes practice , mine looke d-- uh shall we say not quite right lol -- I was not patient enough -- This is so cute will give it another try -- LOve all you do !! kathy - g a

Sue M said...

So adorable Beth!