Monday, November 17, 2008

Snowman Hat Tutorial

Happy Monday! I hope you all got to order your favorite Jolie Paquet kit over the weekend. Thanks for stopping in today for my snowman hat decoration tutorial. Here is what you will need to get started:

1} any cylindrical container
2} your choice of paper
3} your favorite glue
4} scissors, straight edge and scallop edge
5} glue of your choice
6} glitter glue or modge podge
7} your favorite glitter, I like to use a mixture of various
textures ... glitter should be CLEAR
8} pencil
9} whatever trims you want to use to make this project
your very own
10} a paintbrush for applying glitter glue/ modge podge

OK, this is VERY important! If the container you are using has a shiny surface, the very first thing you need to do is to go over it well with steel wool to knock off the shine. Now measure your container against your paper making little guide lines with your pencil to mark where to cut. Cut your paper to size.

Apply glue to your container and paper, then carefully apply your paper to the outside of your container. I cut down one side of my paper using my scallop scissors for a nice finished look. Plus, I just love scallops.

Now you are going to want to cut a top and a bottom from your matt board. These will be circles. For the top you can just trace around the end of your container. For the bottom, find something round that will be about one inch larger all around than your container and trace
around that. If you have a circle cutter, hooray!!!

After you cut out your matt board circles, fold your paper in half and trace around your matt board circles with your pencil. Cut out your paper circles with your scallop scissors. That's two paper circles of each size, 2 for the top and 2 for the bottom.

Make the top of your hat first, by making a paper and matt board sandwich held together with your glue. THE TOP OF YOUR HAT WILL GO ONTO THE BOTTOM OF YOUR CONTAINER.

Now you have a paper covered container with an open end that you can stick your hand into. This will help you hold onto it better while you are glittering. IMPORTANT: If the paper you are using is not colorfast when wet {test a piece of your scraps by smearing your glitter glue on it} you will at this point want to hit your container with a quick spray of your favorite sealer. I used clear acrylic sealer by Plaid.

Now, with your one hand shoved into your container, cover your container all over with glitter glue, working quickly AND making sure you don't miss any spots. Sprinkle with your glitter all over, and then let dry.

While you are waiting for your glue to dry, you can assemble your large circles into a sandwich as we did above for the top. Hit your bottom with a coat of sealer if needed. When the top of your hat is dry, glue on the bottom same as showed above for the top. Then add glitter to the bottom if desired.

Now is when you get to have fun!!! Use your imagination to foof up your hat and make it your own. I kept mine simple using just a wee bit of tinsel and one of the ornaments from Cindy's tutorial. Please don't forget to share what you make on the Jolie Paquet Flickr Pool. If you have any questions, email me at:


MizSmoochieLips said...

Omg, seriously, that is SOOOO ADORABLE! I must start eating more oatmeal so I can make a hat! Heh heh

Jeanne said...

Lori, this Snowman Hat is absolutely wonderful...and how clever to reuse/recycle oatmeal containers! I MUST give this one a try.

Casii said...

Utter cuteness! Will be giving this one a try as a gift container!

Cindy (JunqueArt) said...

This is just too cute! Love it and I will be trying this one too.

Jennifer said...

how cute is this!!!!!!!!

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

so adorable!! I love it!!! I will have to try it! XOXO Britt :-)

Fete et Fleur said...

Thank you so much for posting this tutorial! I've been wanting to make a top hat for Chirstmas for years. This one will be perfect!


cherished*vintage said...

uh-oh I guess I'll have to stop making snowmen for a minute cuz I gotta make me a sparkly hat. Can't wait!! Thanks for sharing.

*SHeRRy B* said...

This is soooo cute!

craftyhala said...

So beautiful and looks like fun.

Dapoppins said...

Oh lori! That is so cute! I want to make one...just need some sealer, and some clear cute! and those big sissors, and some tinsel...and...I love top hats.

Andrea said...

That is so stinkin cute! I am going to have to make one for sure!

Carla said...

Loove it!!!! :o) said...


A Crafty Chateau said...

Thanks for Sahring so many great ideas!! The Hat is fabouls :)

Lisa said...

Wow...cute project. I love all these projects. Thanks for sharing.

Charmingdesigns said...

Its wonderful!! Love the papers that you used, I think that really sets it apart! Laurie

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Oh Lori! That is FABULOUS!!!!! i LOVE it! I think I have an old oatmeal box around here somewhere! LOVE that sparkle :)


Flea Market Queen said...

I am so loving this hat!!
Thanks Lori...

LiLi M. said...

This is soo cute again, thanks Lori!

Can anybody tell me why Christmas is in the most busiest part of the year?

Linda Crispell said...

This is beautiful, time to make oatmeal.

linnea-maria said...

This one looks so fun to make. Ive have a stash of ledger papers that will suit perfectly. Ill start right away! /linnea-maria

Beth Quinn said...

as awesome your work is SPECTACULAR!!! you sooooo rock !!!
can i be you someday ?!!!

Little Pink Studio said...

Lori, this is just darling!
I will definitely have to give this a try!
Thank you so much for sharing this with us!
~Cerri xoxo

Deb M. said...

This is just too cute! Thanks so much for sharing the tutorial. I'm making one now. :o)

Donna Layton said...

Talk about clever. You completely amaze me Lori. Wowee:)

Anonymous said...

I just found you via Miz Smoochie-
these snowman hats are so sweet! I gotta go now- I think I have a few oatmeal boxes in the pantry!


cottage farm villa (aka cottagecharm) said...

I'm a little late, but OMG....this is so sweet....I will have to remember for next year! Just wanted to stop by and say hello. New to the blogging world and just found you! ~Cheryl

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